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is the premium, most potent relaxation supplement that allows sippas of all ages to chill out, especially during times of high stress. This special formulation was developed by a registered pharmacist that knows what the streets demand. Lean is a safe combination of pharmaceutical grade herbs and syrup-based flavors that promotes a desired level of ‘swagga’ to get you feelin’ right any time day or night!


The flavor profile for Yella Lean was inspired by Academy Award winning Three 6 Mafia. The only ever hip hop group to win an Oscar mind you; with their most popular 21st century cultural Southern hip hop song Sippin on Some Sizzurp where they refer to the orange and yellow tuss flavor as that Yella, Yella where they state, "nothing like that Yella Yella that will have you itching mane."  Our flavorful pineapple supplement will not have you itchin' but will create a state of ultimate calm and relaxation.


Purp is for those traditional, hard core Texas-based Lean sippas.  Purp is the most popular urban flavor profile in the U.S. and abroad that is most widely promoted by major mainstream, rock and hip hop artists who indulge in recreational smoke outs and sippin. This special syrup concentrate is commonly referred to as 'grape' but for all the real sippas out there Purp is Purp...and you know it as it maintains its potency and full effect to make it “Do what it do” Dat Purp is Hood Recognized and Street Certified!



Easta Pink Lean supplement was inspired by one of the most prolific, dominating hip hop artists today - Lil Wayne (aka Weezy, aka Lil Tunche) as he quotes...”and I like my Sprite Easta Pink!” in one of the most popular rap collaborations in history. This secret flavor combination has a triple syrup concentrate poured up in clear to create the sweetest of the Leans. We got the game on lock with this one.

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