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Lean Slow Motion Potion Unless . . . They Don’t Like Making Money!

Profitability of Lean Slow Motion Potion

Lean Slow Motion Potion™ is the fastest growing relaxation supplement on the market in the U.S. that is available in a variety of unique and popular flavors.  Lean has a higher than average turnover rate than most supplements in the following retail business locations:

  • Convenience Stores & Gas Stations
  • Tobacco &  Smoke Shops
  • Grocery Stores & Meat Markets
  • Liquor Stores & Tattoo Parlors
  • Hip Hop & Urban Clothing Stores (even in malls)
  • General Nutrition & Health Food Stores (Herbals)
  • Barber Shops, Hair Salons & Massage Parlors


Profitability of Lean Slow Motion Potion

Lean offers extraordinary profit margins. Most of our store accounts successfully sale Lean for $2.99 per can .

You may be asking …“How do they get away with selling this product at such a high price?
 There are three reasons why this happens. The first, and most important, is that the “hip hop community” demands a premium functional lifestyle product that causes one to seek a state of immediate and deep relaxation. This community is known for spending a considerable amount of their discretionary income on supplements on a daily basis at local neighborhood convenience stores. The long-term growth of chopped and screwed style of rap music that is led by many current multi-platinum selling artists has tens of millions of fans throughout the world. This has increased the demand for the development of Lean Slow Motion Potion.

These popular rap artists constantly remind their listeners to “Get their Lean On!” and “to sip some Slow Motion Potion” in their repeated rap lyrics over the past 10 years and still today. We take full advantage of this in our marketing and promotions campaign by soliciting our brand to those millions of fans that follow this unique genre of music that says that its cool just to “slow it down” and enjoy life.

, is that the supplement comes in 3 distinct patented flavors: Purp, Easta Pink and Yella. These flavors cover a wide variety of consumer taste-buds that offers something of great taste for everyone. Even more, the brand names of the flavors has proven marketability to our hip hop community consumers in that the rap artists consistently refer to the names Purp, Yella and Easta Pink in many rap lyrics. Most other emerging relaxation solutions only offer 1 flavor that has no history of consumer demand. 

, for those many persons that want to chill and relax, after a long day…they have an option of the most effective relaxation supplement on the market. The high potency can be proven by comparing the supplement facts panel on the cans label to its competitors. Furthermore, the CEO and President of the brand is a licensed Doctor of Pharmacy, therefore he has the expertise in developing the most clinically effective relaxation supplement to give the most potent, yet safest relaxation response on the market. The labeling on the can informs consumers that the formulation of Lean was indeed created by a pharmacist. This provides more validity to the consumer about the brand.

An even greater significance of this fact is that this allows the brand to cover a broader scope of consumers such as "soccer moms" that have had a long day with the kids, students with a rough day at school, and numerous Americans wanting to overcome a stressful day at work without having to consume an alcoholic beverage. Once consumers try other less effective relaxation products then try Lean Slow Motion Potion, they do not wish to change brands due to both Lean’s great taste and superior relaxing effect.




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